In Fall 2019, the internal (on-campus) Mental Health Review Committee (MHRC) examined the impact of campus culture and policies related to student mental health and well-being, while an External Review Team reviewed clinical services and campus-based strategies.

Participation in the Review by faculty, staff, and students was critical in understanding what we do well as a university, the challenges we face, and the opportunities for improvement. The MHRC has developed several processes for stakeholders to provide feedback:

Participation occurred in the following ways:

Take the online survey
Sample promotional material from the campaign.
  • A campus survey was available (through the end of January, 2020) to address any or all of the following questions related to campus health and well-being:
    • What does Cornell do well in support of student mental health? What opportunities do you see to improve mental health on campus
    • What is the impact of social identity on student mental health at Cornell?
    • What impact does the Cornell culture have on student stress?
    • What ideas do you have to reduce the impact of stress on students?
    • What questions do you want the Mental Health Review Committee to consider
    • What else do you want us to know?
  • MHRC listening sessions for student groups and organizations, faculty, and student support staff.
    Listening sessions were scheduled throughout the fall semester and were offered in the following forms:

    • Focus Groups
    • World Cafés
    • “Telling Stories” sessions

Review the full list of participants.

  • Direct email feedback to share information, questions, or concerns.